Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If only I know how to drive

Posted by Collette Beh at 9:37 AM
If  only I know how to drive..
I don't need to depend on other to fetch or drop me..

I can go wherever I want..
I can go home without seeing the time..
I can fetch my friends, I can drop them home..
I don't need to wait them to fetch me.. or wait them to drop me home..
I can go home whenever I want to..
I don't need to disturb anyone..

I'm F** useless even I had a license,
but I don't know or should say I dare not...drive..
I'm really useless.. F** useless~
I really don't want to depend on other people~
I really don't want to make people get in any trouble..

I just hope that I can be more independent..
Can do everything by my own..

Should get myself a car..
Should earn more money..

Just hate myself so much..
I'm such a chicken.. such an idiot..
such a F** useless bitch~


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