Thursday, August 28, 2014


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04082014, our relationship ended up so suddenly.

All our friends was so surprice, so do our parents.

You really do not care about me anymore,
 you never text me anymore, so do all my status and blog.
Sometimes I saw you was online, I will ask myself, who will you chatting with.
Even your whatsapp... who r u chatting with?

Why do I still want to care,
since you are so cruel, you can just let go like this...
you never ever care about me. why do I have to care...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Im Lost

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I feel like I'm totally lost.

I do not know which is the correct way for me..

I do not know what I want..

I'm scare..

Friday, August 15, 2014


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I hope it will day...

Thursday, August 14, 2014


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往往你说:你累了,想休息。 好,我不敢打扰你。我知道你累。


How are You

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Like what my boss said:
Last time you dumb people right? You dunno how's hurt feel.
This time he dumb you. Now you know whats hurt! 
Remember the feeling...
What's so call pain. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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Since when, we had became stranger.
I couldn't believe these happen to us.

Everyone asked me to let go, I keep asking myself to forget about our past..
but why is it so hard...

Jesus.. I just can't let go.. I just can't forget..
I just miss you like hell.. Wtf..

Hey gal, you'll get hurt.. Why are you so Fxx silly..
He had no feeling towards you anymore..
Stop being idiot..!!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

what a joke

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Seems like I'm the one who think that we will get back together,
I'm the one who think that I just need to give you some times..
maybe you have not make up your mind.....

Seems like I'm wrong.. 

What a joke, I'm the only who wish for it...

You are really heartless..

Not to said that I can't get a better man,
Is just because I have you.. Thats why.. 
I just do not want to have another man.
I just want to be with you...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Use to

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Whatever I do, I'll think about both..
But now I'll need to learn to stay alone.

Maybe you've been use to be alone since last year.
And now .. is my turn to learn.. how be live without partner. 

I just notice that, my age growth, but I'm still that childish. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another day

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We have been apart for 1 week.

What am I expecting? Lolxxx..

You said you will be going to Qatar, as friend ofcause I will wish you good luck.
As another person, I will said: please take care, I'm always here, keep in touch and do uddate me your status. Text me no matter what.. let me know whats going on, text me if you need someone to talk with.

Qatar is different from Maldives..

Maybe over there, you will get another one that can share your story with.. Maybe you have your friends.. 
But ofcause, if can, I would like you to share with me only. 

Nobody knows... 

Take care my love one. 

Update again

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Seems like I'm gonna updates my blog frequetly this few days.

I do not know where I'm going to express my feeling.

Still have to look for job, to stop myself being a human that without spirits.

Read all the blogs I posted few years back, I saw one post..

If he do not have feeling towards you, you have to let him go..
Forget about the past, and look for your present and future..

What a joke... 
Since when I posted that.. Yea, that post is for the ex...

Wake up dude..
Seperated is not such a big deal..
You still have to live!
There's a better one waiting for you..

bla bla bla...
let go la, is yours mean yours...

Is easy while you just bla bla bla, is hard for you to do it! 

Ding dong~ding dong~ what a ding dong bell...


I'm not sure how many blogs I'm gonna post in one day.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

seems like

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I wanted to text you, but I do not know how to start.

Seems like you do not want to text with me anymore..
Maybe, like what you said.. longer the same.

Maybe my text to you is nothing..
Maybe my care to you is useless ...
Maybe I'm not the one you need to be with..

I have lots of thing wanted to share with you..
but like what you say: nothing will change..

I do not want to made you feel annoying..
I really do not know who to express to...

My dear.. I really do not want to let go..
I just want to be with you...

Miss You

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No matter how much I miss you, I do not know where to express it out.
No matter how hurt I was, I keep forcing myself, not to text you.

I do not want you to hate me... I do not want to made you feel irretating.

I was thinking.. will there be another gal who's gonna replace me...
Will she going to replace me..texting you, accompany you, joking and doing silly things with you..

I keep telling myself, I need to trust you.. what you need is just times.
I do not want to let go..
Why can't we go through the problem together,

Why do you just let go my hand........

Do you know how much I love you,

Do you know how hurt I am...

Do you know how my heart shiv in the night...

Do you know.. I miss your hug and kisses... 


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I really can't believe this happen to us.

Do you know that I really miss you.. I really love you.

Maybe you will not remember my blog anymore, maybe you will not care bout my status anymore.

But I really hope, you will come back to me one day.

I do not know since where your feeling towards me no longer the same,

I do not know whether this is the truth or not, the answer is with you.

What you told me, I'll believe.

Im thinking, if I care bout you more, If I text you frequently, will this things happen to us?
Do we really can't go through the problem together?

I just hope you will come back to me...

But I do not want to force you, I do not want you to hate me, afraid about me.

I try my best, I give you times...

But how long it will takes? 

Dear, I miss you... 

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