Saturday, August 9, 2014


Posted by Collette Beh at 1:48 AM
I really can't believe this happen to us.

Do you know that I really miss you.. I really love you.

Maybe you will not remember my blog anymore, maybe you will not care bout my status anymore.

But I really hope, you will come back to me one day.

I do not know since where your feeling towards me no longer the same,

I do not know whether this is the truth or not, the answer is with you.

What you told me, I'll believe.

Im thinking, if I care bout you more, If I text you frequently, will this things happen to us?
Do we really can't go through the problem together?

I just hope you will come back to me...

But I do not want to force you, I do not want you to hate me, afraid about me.

I try my best, I give you times...

But how long it will takes? 

Dear, I miss you... 


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