Sunday, August 10, 2014

Update again

Posted by Collette Beh at 1:03 AM
Seems like I'm gonna updates my blog frequetly this few days.

I do not know where I'm going to express my feeling.

Still have to look for job, to stop myself being a human that without spirits.

Read all the blogs I posted few years back, I saw one post..

If he do not have feeling towards you, you have to let him go..
Forget about the past, and look for your present and future..

What a joke... 
Since when I posted that.. Yea, that post is for the ex...

Wake up dude..
Seperated is not such a big deal..
You still have to live!
There's a better one waiting for you..

bla bla bla...
let go la, is yours mean yours...

Is easy while you just bla bla bla, is hard for you to do it! 

Ding dong~ding dong~ what a ding dong bell...


I'm not sure how many blogs I'm gonna post in one day.


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