Saturday, August 9, 2014

Miss You

Posted by Collette Beh at 7:30 AM
No matter how much I miss you, I do not know where to express it out.
No matter how hurt I was, I keep forcing myself, not to text you.

I do not want you to hate me... I do not want to made you feel irretating.

I was thinking.. will there be another gal who's gonna replace me...
Will she going to replace me..texting you, accompany you, joking and doing silly things with you..

I keep telling myself, I need to trust you.. what you need is just times.
I do not want to let go..
Why can't we go through the problem together,

Why do you just let go my hand........

Do you know how much I love you,

Do you know how hurt I am...

Do you know how my heart shiv in the night...

Do you know.. I miss your hug and kisses... 


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